Lightpainting the dunes

A texturized dune landscape @ Night, illuminated with torches.

Moonrise over Egmond

Beautifull moonrise over Egmond, the Netherlands

the Lowlands sunrise

Only 22 minutes separate this photo and the previous one. I can't decide which one, that's why I uploaded both.

10 Minutes later

Long exposure shot of the 'Waddensea' just after sundown.

Dawn at the Lowlands

Dunes of Wimmenum

A 'Scottish Highlander' grazes in a small dune lake.


Dutch heathland area near Borger, Drenthe

Dutch Landscape

Summer photo 2012


Dutch Partridge Dog takes a jump.

Haarlem sunrise

Sunrise above windmill 'de Adriaan'. Haarlem, the Netherlands.


Ysbreaker @ dawn on a former 'Zuiderzee' Island Marken.

Daybreak @ the Ijsselmeer

Fishing nets are waiting near the shore of the Ijsselmeer for a catch.

Almost perfect

reprocessed photo. I'm very curious about your opinion

Anne, Dutch Partridge dog

Sun is coming

Misty mountain view near Piesendorf, Austria.

Moon over Nijenburg Estate

Nijenburg estate, Heiloo Netherlands, Moon, full moon, Hans Reurings fotografie, Hans Reurings photography, landscape, architecture

Gross Glöckner

Gross Glöckner glacier in Austria

IJsselmeer sunrise

Sunrise shoot @ 'the IJsselmeer'. I've re-edited the photo, due to 'some' post processing anomaly's found.

Beyond the blue hour

This photo is a long exposure shot (30 seconds), taken when the sun was already down. I was very glad, the sheep were cooperating to stand still as possible

Sunset over the 'Waddenzee'.

Long exposure shot @ den Oever looking out on the 'Waddenzee'.